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Lemolo @the Tractor

this weekend I went to see Lemolo at the Tractor Tavern. The Tractor is not my preferred venue, as they do not serve food. it is a little on the smaller side with a country ambiance, complete with cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling.

the girls that comprise Lemolo, Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox, were as cute as can be. their set was nearly as long as their sound check, but once they started, they really brought it. huge sound coming from a band of two. my favorite song, Open Air, was missing from their set list, but I will condole myself with this video…

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Awesome: Feist-concert last Saturday

I wish I had taken along a better camera last Saturday:

The concert was awesome, but I hate the location. Luckily I made it to the middle of the oval concert hall they have cast into the depths of Gasometer B. Awful location! Great voice, great concert!

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Mia Pharoah

Miniature Tigers @ the Tractor Tavern

i made my way over to see the Miniature Tigers last week, and was not disappointed.
we showed up during the second opening band, and i was a bit dismayed to find it jammed packed full of rowdy hipsters, complete with plenty of drunk girls stumbling to the toilets for a good vomit. as a friend i was there with put it: we were “awash in a sea of walking clichés.”

during the last opener, the crowd thinned considerably, making room on the floor for me to shake my thang. and believe me, when Mini T’s came out, we were all moving. the band’s latest album, Mia Pharoah is full of super danceable tracks that explore an electronic side. the entire new album was played, along with a few oldies, such as Gold Skull.

high point of the evening for me: the band gave me a shout out before a song, as it was my birthday, and i do have a history of bombarding them with knock-knock jokes…

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