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Watched the Swedish mini-series “Bron” (The Bridge)

I’ve seen the Danish-Swedish mini-series “Bron” (The Bridge). Now that I understand a few words of Swedish it was interesting to watch it in Swedish. I couldn’t have managed without english subtitles tough. It is a better crime thriller than a german “Tatort“. I liked it even more than “Dexter“. But maybe this is due to my love to the country Sweden, maybe due to the fact that I’ve been to Copenhagen as well as to Malmö before. Damn, I like those guys.

It starts out as a joint crime investigation of a Swedish and an Danish cop when a body is found on the  Øresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. This cooperation continues as the killer keeps challenging the investigators.

Great TV show!

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Spanien (Spain)

The new movie directed by Anja Salomonowitz “Spanien” (Spain) was the opener of this year’s Diagonale. It starts with a car crash. Sava, a refugee headed for Spain, is the only survivor and is now stranded in Austria, where he helps out a priest to restore statues in a church. Magdalena also works in this church and restores paintings. She is being stalked by Albert, her ex-husband. Gabriel is a family father who is trapped in a gambling addiction and in debts. The movie slowly tells their story and soon we learn how the single pieces of the puzzle that we see fit together.

Written together with author Dimitré Dinev, Salomonowitz managed to make an intense movie that can easily compare with great international films. I hereby command all independent movie lovers to watch it.

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Gwoemul - The Host

Just came home from the 7th district where I re-watched Gwoemul (The Host) with friends. It is one of the most successful South Korean movies. I first saw it at the Viennale ’06. It is a mix of monster movie, family drama, comedy and society satire. Even watching it for the second time I enjoyed it A LOT. Check out the trailer and whatever you do: Don’t watch the sequel!

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