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Freedom of press, anyone?

At this point we bid farewell to Switzerland as participant of the civilized world: They are abolishing the freedom of press. We do not need it anyway. Where would we be if the police could be photographed by the free press while beating up people? No, this must not happen. Police must of course be able to do their violence unimpeded, that is more important than free press.
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Not again!

Yes, I am still learning Swedish. At least I am trying to. In the meantime our Swedish-class has the third teacher. The first one returned to Sweden after approx. one year. Then we had a hiatus of about a year. We managed to find another teacher, but she happened to find a job at the Swedish embassy and quit us as well. Now that we have had 8 lessons with our third teacher, my two classmates excused themselves for yesterday’s lesson, so we tried to cancel the whole session. Via email. Because we had no phone number. Unfortunately our emails did not reach our teacher in time and so she waited and waited and waited …
Of course she was very pissed and did not want to continue to teach us anymore. Then she discovered that this job pays less than what a cleaning lady gets. I hope we can convince her to continue. Learning Swedish is fun. And if we had to search for a fourth teacher, I would abandon Swedish lessons altogether. At least with this group.

In other news I received electronic flight tickets that state: “PLEASE EXCUSE ANY INCONVENIENCE!”
Before the flight? Which inconvenience? What will happen? Do they already have inconveniences planned for me? Will the airplane fall from the sky?
I will try and post a followup should there be any (non-major) inconvenience.

In the meantime I am listening to audiobooks. I have finally bought “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson which I wanted to read (or in this case: listen to) for quite some time. I have read his essay “In the beginning … was the command line” years ago and liked it, now I am going for the older geek stuff.
Book recommendations are welcome.

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