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Matt Mulholland: genius

Matt Mulholland hails from Wellington, New Zealand.
He is a musical genius. He specializes in acapella multi-tracks; a recording, within which, each instrument and each vocal is recorded onto separate tracks. his The Matrix and Back to the Future multi-tracks are phenomenal examples. cash for gold? do you love South Park?
that is not all he does. he plays the recorder, covers all sorts of genres, and helps us sort our shit out.

did your mind get blown whilst watching Inception? Matt has your back.

i don’t know how i would sort my shit out without Sort Your Shit Out.

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Spanien (Spain)

The new movie directed by Anja Salomonowitz “Spanien” (Spain) was the opener of this year’s Diagonale. It starts with a car crash. Sava, a refugee headed for Spain, is the only survivor and is now stranded in Austria, where he helps out a priest to restore statues in a church. Magdalena also works in this church and restores paintings. She is being stalked by Albert, her ex-husband. Gabriel is a family father who is trapped in a gambling addiction and in debts. The movie slowly tells their story and soon we learn how the single pieces of the puzzle that we see fit together.

Written together with author Dimitré Dinev, Salomonowitz managed to make an intense movie that can easily compare with great international films. I hereby command all independent movie lovers to watch it.

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